Going Big or Small? A retiree's year of living dangerously

A Man Called Ove meets Thelma and Louise.

Retiree, Frank, gets more adventure than he bargained for when he sets off across 1980s Europe hoping to shake up his mundane life. In East Germany, he finds getting in much easier than getting out. In France, he meets Delphine who persuades him to cast a lifetime of caution to the wind. He's having the time of his life on the Cote d'Azur until things get complicated and the two of them find their lives in danger. Crossing into Italy, Frank learns of Delphine’s past and seeks to help her. But falling in love with Delphine and Italy brings unexpected consequences. 


“Oh my gosh, this book was a total, unexpected delight. I opened it having no idea what it was about or where it was going. The first few pages had me thinking it was going to be a boring story about kvetching retirees......but stay steady, all is not as it seems, it soon gets really good.....and after it gets really good, it gets spectacular.

“It’s a road trip story, a love story, a friendship story, an adventure story, a crime story, a war story, a loneliness story, a spontaneity story, and probably a few other stories as well. The ending is spectacularly unexpected. The title seems to have a double meaning, referring not only to a line in the book, but also to a philosophy of life espoused by a key character in the story.”

"Another page turner with unexpected turns and the characters stay with you as they are so sympathetically written... An interesting book as the author takes you through a changing Europe and we witness history unfolding with the perspective of having lived through it."