A Heart Left Behind

Set against the backdrop of America’s anti-war movement, a gripping story of love, espionage and sacrifice. Visiting Nazi Germany in the 1930s, New Yorker, Orla von Hertzberg, sees a country which appears to live up to the claims of her German relatives. Back in the USA, she finds herself harboring a secret that threatens her happiness, so she is relieved when her husband is posted to Berlin until she discovers the harsh reality of the regime. Orla wants to leave; however, the secret from her past will force her to undertake a seemingly impossible task to try and save not only herself, but also her son.


Sea Snakes and Cannibals

A travelogue of visits to islands across the globe, from remote Fijian islands to the Lofoten islands above the Arctic circle.

David Canford comes face to face with sea snakes and meets a man whose grandparents ate humans.

He also learns the stingray shuffle on an uninhabited Mexican island, follows in the footsteps of movie stars in the Greek islands, explores Corsica, goes searching for killer whales in the San Juan islands on the US-Canadian border, finds how to avoid the crowds on the hundred plus islands that make up Venice and discovers unspoiled islands off the coast of England.