What will happen when AI puts millions out of work? In 2045 those who lost their jobs to robots are taken care of in resorts where life is an endless vacation. For those still in work, the American dream has never been better. But is all quite as perfect as it seems?

Having suffered in the Time of Troubles, Justin Dempsey is a huge fan of the new system. Order over chaos.
Following an unexpected turn of events, he begins to discover the reality of this brave new world. 
With the help of his daughter, Mia, he plans how to expose the truth if he can escape and remain undetected. Their adversary is the most powerful governmental machine in history, which is working towards its own solution.

Can Justin and Mia succeed in getting the word out in time and would anyone believe them? When tyranny is handsome and repression is with a smile, in a world where most are richer than ever, why would people care.

From the author of When the Water Runs Out, a disturbing view of a future that could happen.


"A truly terrifying roller-coaster of a ride which could easily become reality. A robotic society where greed and corruption at the top level of government rules society to its detriment. It affected me to the point where I was dreaming about it. The story was fast paced and compelling."

"Rememember this book. It shows reality of how things can happen and no one knows. Scary."

“Really gets you thinking about computers and how far we are going and where it will lead to. Worth the read and gets you thinking.”